i kinda stopped reading a bit into shippuden but dang maybe i should start from the beginning again man i think i have like 36 volumes in the attic aaaaaa

i think i actually kinda prefer the anime bcus it makes me cry more but pls get into naruto again so i dont have to be alone omfg. i have 8 volumes of the manga in swedish and the translation is really horrible its amazing

keetande said:  I'm at the latest chapters and it's becoming really intense!!!

im watching the anime (i skip the fillers) and im at ep 132 (shippuden), ive just gotten to the parts ive never seen/read before aahhhh

jamfisher said:  hey may i just say that youre making me wanna read naruto again omg the nostalgia ;o;

omg IT’S….. really good actually………………… the beginning is like any dorky shonen but then the characters start growing on you and the fights get better and you cry over sad shit. i got naruto’d


found families


found families


heard u were talkin shit abt gai sensei


heard u were talkin shit abt gai sensei

Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike

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The feels like blue

i still can’t believe my intense naruto phase @ (almost) age 20


this pairing is very important

i just heard the ninja clan song for the first time

sasuke is really cool

sakura the beautiful

feralfawn said:  gosh you are really tough looking in your most recent selfie :O your jaw line especially is really cool <3

heehh thank you <3